Urban Inno

The aim of the Urban Inno project is to maximize the innovation potential of urban environments by setting up a "quadriple-helix" cluster / network as well as developing new participatory methods and tools for involving end-users in innovation processes.

The official site of the project is available here.

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A new project application project cycle was launched. Find out more here.

The Rijeka Local Partnership Program - 2018

"The City of Rijeka invites citizens to apply their smaller projects and beautify their streets, quarters, settlements and local councils within the Rijeka Local Partnership Program.
Register on UrbanInno platform and submit your proposal!"

Communal Priorities in the City of Rijeka

Small communal actions to design a communal infrastructure facility or in a jargon called "communal priorities of local committees" are activities that are being carried out with the aim of raising the quality of life of citizens, ie improving the communal standard and equalizing the standards of equipment of local committees.

Infographic and analytics

Here you can find a lot of intresting infographs with real data for last and present year.